Beta Percussion International Institute August 10-16, 2020

University of Oregon


Beta Percussion International Institute is an intensive week-long seminar on percussion playing and writing.

The seminar will consist of 12+clinics/masterclasses/workshops, 3 faculty recitals, 1 participants marathon concert, as well as 2 private lessons for each participant.


What makes this seminar unique is that it will focus on BOTH percussion playing and writing (composing and arranging).  One of our objectives is to experiment with ‘learning about performance through writing, and vice versa.’

  Is the seminar exclusively on original compositions or arrangements?

NO.  Participants are encouraged to bring a mix of both original compositions/arrangements and existing works by others.  Anything from Bach to percussion standards to contemporary works are welcomed.

  Is experience with writing required?

NO.  We welcome those who have no writing experience.  All we ask of the participant is to not be afraid to write.  At the beginning of the seminar, there will be creative group workshops on how to compose music.  For those who have never written, we will be writing your first pieces together.

Those who do have writing experience are encouraged to bring their existing works to the seminar.

  Why Beta? 

Beta, as in beta testing.  Participants are encouraged to experiment with and test out different aspects of playing and writing during this seminar.  The point is to explore and make changes along the way.  Art is always evolving, as it is a reflection of everything around us, past, present and future.   Therefore, in a certain sense, art/music is always going to be in the ‘beta testing’ stage.


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